Sunday, November 12, 2006

Introducing the World's First Personalized Advent Calendar

During the holidays many families count down the days until Christmas using an advent calendar. The calendar has 25 little doors. Each day you open one to find a picture or phrase behind it. It helps build the excitement until Christmas finally comes!

Kate’s Calendars took this fun idea and decided to make it even better. Our calendars aren't just for holidays, they are for any time at all! And instead of having a pre-made and impersonal message behind each door, Kate’s Calendars lets you personalize the message for each day!

P-day comes only once a week. Wouldn't it be great to give your missionary a message each and every day? Imagine how happy your missionary will be to be able to read an encouraging and personal message from you everyday for thirty days. Fill the squares with inspiring quotes, scriptures, jokes, pictures, stickers, and more.

Kate’s Calendars are great for a missionary’s first 30 days on the mission, or for their last 30 days. Send one for their half-way mark, send one for Christmas, and send one to count down until their birthday or Mother’s Day. Or just send one any month when they could use a boost!

Kate’s Calendars aren't just for missionaries either. After sending one you have filled out for your missionary, then send a blank one for your missionary to fill out themselves. They can fill it with scriptures and encouragement and give it to an investigator to help them progress towards baptism or becoming reactivated. Kate’s Calendars are also great for friends and family who are counting down until their endowment. Or fill one out with sweet nothings to give to your fiancĂ©e before your temple marriage!